We value transparency & ensure our service also reflects that.

All fees quoted are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). We will make you aware of the terms of the engagement and in particular, the basis on which fees are charged and which services are covered by the quoted fee.

We understand that you need to know your costs to run efficiently. We also appreciate that each business is unique, so we make sure we get to know you and your business in order to provide you with the best accounting and tax services.

Our accounting and business advisory pricing mechanism include fixed fees, value-based costing, and an hourly rate.

Fixed Pricing

A fixed pricing model is one in which the client pays a set amount for their accounting or bookkeeping services. Prices are determined by us based on a few factors, one of which is the perceived value of the service.

Where possible, we prefer to work with clients on a fixed price basis for an agreed scope of work. Fixed pricing means no surprises. It means you get exactly what you need. We work with you to review your needs and determine the services to propose to you. All our packages come with unlimited access to us for your accounting, tax, or business questions.

Of course, there are times when fixed pricing doesn’t make sense. In those cases, we’ll work with you to set clear expectations regarding the work to be performed and what you’ll pay.

Value Based Model

Value-based pricing is often referred to in conjunction with fixed fee pricing. Like fixed pricing, value-based pricing is a pricing model that sets the cost of a service based on the perceived benefits it will provide to our clients. We’ll work with you in establishing relevant value and scope and to provide the support you need to help you manage your growth with custom accounting solutions to maximise savings.

Hourly-based billing

Our hourly fee structure is utilized in our roles as CAs as well as compliance work. We aim to work efficiently and to provide our clients with great value for the fees charges. An hourly basis according to the accountant’s experience, and vary depending on the type of work and responsibility involved.

For business clients, we will give you a quote before commencing your job. You will be well informed about how much it will cost you throughout the process of our engagement.

For individual clients who have business income, rental properties, capital gain, share dividends and other tax issues, please contact us and we will advise you on the fees.

The Process

You come in for a consultation. We talk about your business, your goals, and what services you’re interested in. After the meeting, we put together a proposal tailored to you. It might include assurance, client accounting, tax, consulting, and other services. We’ll recommend things we think will provide value for you and your business. You look at our proposal, call us to discuss, and we revise if necessary. Once you agree to the proposal, we get started!
We’ll continue to review our arrangement on a periodic basis and make adjustments as your needs change.

Why Us

Save Money & Reduce Overheads

Businesses typically spend 2 to 5 percent of revenues to properly train and staff internal accounting departments. While it might not seem like a lot, outsourcing your accounting can actually lower your total costs by eliminating expenses related to employee benefits, Training, Accounting Software, Hardware, and office supplies.

We’re down to earth

When we’re working with people for an extended period, we like to build a long-term relationship – and that’s what we want to do with you. So when you come and see us, we’re the approachable and friendly colleagues who’ve got your financial back, rather than just ‘the accountants’. That way, we can chat about everyday things over a coffee, before tackling your pre-tax profits or GST figures – all in jargon-free, plain English of course.

We’ll advise you

Sometimes accounting firms can get a reputation for simply going through the motions with their clients. They’ll make sure you’re fully compliant and paying everything you need to pay on time, which we do too of course, but they won’t go the extra mile and give you the advice you really want to hear. That’s what we’re here for – good business advice that helps you. Like how legally minimise your tax, what to do if you want to form a business partnership, or whether you should register your business.

Learning & Growth

We have a commitment to a lifelong approach to learning and development. There is always something we could learn or gain a deeper understanding of areas we have already developed skills or experience in. All our values are underpinned by this view of the world.

Our Approach

Our approach to our clients is based around communication, integrity, vigilant attention-to-detail and providing the correct advice to help you grow your business and wealth.

We’re looking forward to learning more about your company, getting involved and helping you to reach your financial goals. Growing a business is an ongoing journey, and we look forward to being by your side every step of the way.