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Ali Yousefi
Principal / Managing Director
Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.
Member of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association (ATTA).
Member of the Australasian Law Academics Association (ALAA).
Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.
Taxation Law100
Business Law100
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Ali Yousefi: Director and Principal – Tradewise Solutions Chartered Accountants

With over a decade immersed in the intricate landscape of Australian higher education and public practice accounting, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Certified Chartered Accountant and Tax Practitioner. My professional journey has been molded by experiences both as an educator and as the Founding Director of Tradewise Solutions Chartered Accountants.

In the realm of academia, I’ve had the honor of contributing to the higher education sector, leveraging my expertise to shape the minds of aspiring professionals. Simultaneously, my role at Tradewise Solutions has allowed me to apply this knowledge practically, navigating the complexities of business and individual tax consulting, compliance, and addressing intricate business challenges.

The synergy between higher education and public practice has been a cornerstone of my career. It has not only enriched my understanding of theoretical frameworks but also provided invaluable insights that I bring to collaborative efforts with SMEs. Building robust networking connections and fostering enduring relationships with clients are central tenets of my approach, aiming to guide them beyond routine compliance tasks towards lasting financial success.

In addition to professional pursuits, I’ve found profound fulfillment in actively participating in community initiatives across Australia. Volunteering at the Melbourne Law School Tax Clinics is a humble endeavor to contribute to the community that has played a pivotal role in shaping my journey.

I humbly acknowledge that success is a collective effort, and the recognition received is a reflection of the collaborative spirit at Tradewise Solutions. Embracing a continuous learning mindset, I am grateful for the opportunities to positively impact the higher education sector, public practice accounting, and the communities that have profoundly influenced my professional path. Read More…


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